San Francisco Store - Floor 2, continued

This is where the world of sewing begins and ends--from pattern to hem binding.

Floor 2

Find over 75,000 styles of buttons, including vintage glass and bakelite, plus ribbons in all colors, prints and styles--from classic grosgrain to hand-dyed silks and velvets--and a treasure trove of embellishments including sequins, rhinestones, Swarovski crystals, faux fur trims, silk flowers, appliqués, feathers and boas. The third floor also houses a wide range of home decorating fringes, cording, tassels and tie-backs, and a comprehensive collection of bridal accessories including vintage and imported lace trims, veils, decorative hair pieces and Russian netting. Basic sewing notions like thread, needles, zippers and patterns round out the selection.


24 karat gold plated blazer buttons   beaded   alligator clips   feather boas
blazer   belting   barrettes   feathers by-the-yard
bridal satin   drawstring cord   bridal hair accessories (combs & clips)   frog closures
children's   faux leather   bridal lace trims (alençon, chantilly, venise)   leather flowers (handmade in SF)
clear backer   fold-over   bridal loops   loose feathers (plumes - ostrich, peacock, rooster, turkey, pheasant)
coat   fur   bridal silk flowers   mask blanks
pearl beads
corozo   leather   combs (18 karat gold & silver tone)   sequins
enamel blazer buttons   piping   gloves   silk flowers (handmade in SF)
fashion   reflective tape   hairbands   Swarovski crystals (loose)
glass   rhinestone   hair clips    
horn   rosettes   hat forms   HOME DÉCOR
jeans   rickrack   hat veiling (Russian netting)   braided gimp
leather   ruffled   millinery wire   cording
metal   satin   pre-made wedding veils   curtain grommets
mother-of-pearl   sequin   trims   drapery tape
novelty   soutache   tiaras   fringe
pearl   suede lacing       piping
Roman shade supplies
resin   twill tape   STRETCHY   tassel fringe
rhinestone   webbing   basic elastic   tassel tie-backs
shirt   wool binding   belting   tassels
suit       clear   upholstery tacks
suspender   LACE TRIM   cord    
Swarovski crystal    appliqués   fold-over   FRINGE
tuxedo satin   beaded & embroidered   grip elastic   beaded
velvet   bridal (alençon, chantilly, venise)   lace   chainette
vintage   collars   lingerie   faux leather
wood   crochet   ruffled   feather
    eyelet   sequin   pompom
RIBBON   heirloom   velvet    
brocade   insertion       HANDCRAFTED GIFTS
children's   lingerie (stretch)   FELT   arm warmers
cork   metallic   acrylic   bracelets
cotton   vintage   felt squares   brooches
grosgrain       wool/rayon   chokers
hand dyed silk   APPLIQUES   3mm wool felt   cufflinks
hand dyed silk velvet   beaded       earrings
metallic   bridal / prom       hand-knitted gloves
net   embroidered          hand-knitted hats
novelty   embroidered iron-on       hand-knitted scarves
Petersham grosgrain   rhinestone       roving flowers
printed   sequins       shoe clips
satin   special occasions        
sheer   vintage        
FLOOR 3 CONTINUED            
awls   buttonhole twist   anti-skid gripper fabric   bow tie hardware
beeswax   cotton   bias tape   chain
bias tape makers   denim   blanket binding   Czech crystal chain by the yard
bobbins   elastic   boning   clasps
bodkins   embroidery   bra cups   cord locks
chalk   Japanese silk   bra extenders   d-rings
corsage pins   metallic   bra straps   eyelets
craft scissors   nylon   bra underwires   grommets
darning eggs   polyester   button extenders   handbag hardware
embroidery floss   serger   corset-making supplies   jewlery findings (excludes beads)
embroidery hoops   upholstery   covered button kits   kilt pins
embroidery scissors       double-sided tape   o-rings
fabric glues   NEEDLES   dress shields   purse feet
marking pens   craft/repair   grommet tape   purse frames
fray check   curved   hook-and-eye tape   purse handles
glass head pins   hand-sewing   hooks and eyes   shawl pins
iron cleaner   knitting   horsehair braid   snaps
iron rest   leather   iron-on elbow patches   spikes
leather punches   sewing machine   iron-on patches   strap adjusters
loop turners   threaders   iron-on repair pockets   studs
pattern paper       lingerie guards   suspender clips
pin cushions   ZIPPERS   lingerie hardware   swivel hooks (trigger snaps)
pinking shears   by-the-yard   lint removers   togglers
pliers   closed bottom   maternity panels    
pressing cloths   designer   ribbed cuffs and bands   OTHER
printable fabric   dual separating   seam binding   books
retractable tape measures   invisible   shoulder pads   crochet hooks
rotary cutters   jacket   snap tape   felting supplies
rulers   jeans   snaps   knitting tools
safety pins   separating   stain removers   magazines
seam rippers   zipper pulls   stick-on nylon patches   patterns
sewing boxes   zipper shortening hardware (zipper stops)   stitch witchery   vintage patterns
sewing kits       suede elbow patches   wool roving
sewing machine oil   BUCKLES   sweater ombs    
shears   belt   Velcro by-the-yard    
sleeve boards   slide belt buckle        
silk pins   trench coat        
straight pins   vest        
T-pins   rhinestone        
tailor's hams            
tape measures            
tracing wheels            
tracing paper            
travel sewing kits            
wire cutters